My style philosophy:

"Age, size or shape should not hold you back
from looking and feeling your best."

What is Style Coaching?

It is a unique combination of personal styling and life coaching that works not only on the image you see in the mirror, but equally important, on your internal self image. Because you deserve to look AND feel great.

Who is Style Coaching for?

No matter what your age, size or shape, Style Coaching is for you. Whether you're a man or woman, if you are at a stage in life where you want to improve your look or change how you feel about yourself, Style Coaching can help you achieve this.

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Are you...

Approaching or after 50?

A new decade brings body shape and style challenges so its time to update your style, forget about numbers (your age and size) and dress to suit who you are now – body and spirit.

A busy mom who wants to invest some time in herself again?

Forget what's holding you back – the kids, making time for yourself or lack of energy and learn how to become stylish, have a workable wardrobe and quick makeup routine that leaves you feeling well put together and glowing with self-confidence.

Going back to dating?

Learn to dress in the way that will attract the kind of partner you want; create the right impression on a date and have you looking and feeling more confident. Learn how to pull together a 'first date' outfit from your existing wardrobe (or what to shop for).

A professional?

Learn to give out a message through your appearance of being professional and credible as you attend presentations locally and abroad; go to job interviews or ascend up the corporate ladder.

After birth?

Be in touch with your style again; know what clothes look best on your changed body shape and learn to put a look together in the shortest possible time.

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